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Khipu Corporation is a solid local company with more than 30 years of experience in the education sector. Currently, it is recognized at a National and International level. The corporation encompasses Khipu Institute and Global University, based on the Andean values ​​of Munay, llank'ay, Yachay And Ayni.

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About Us

More than 30 Years Best

Khipu started its Regional Development Promotion activities in 1983 as a Consulting Services and IT company.

In 1987 Khipu refines its objectives and organizational design, as a non-governmental development organization taking the current name of KHIPU Civil Association of Technological and Cultural Research.

From 2009, it aims to diversify its organizational structures by operating the Khipu SAC Educational Corporation to meet the challenges of its growth.

Cerficación ISO 9001 2013

Certification ISO 9001

Since 2013, the Khipu Corporation has demonstrated to ICONTEC the development of its Certification of Labor Competencies processes with high quality standards, achieving in 2016, to renew this license that guarantees the work done in more than 30 years of service to Cusco.

Acreditación SINEACE

Accreditation SINEACE

Khipu Institute, is the first institute in the city of Cusco to have accredited two of its professional careers in 2015. It is recognized by SINEACE for training professionals according to the demands of the labor market.

Miembro de Asiste Perú

Member of Asiste Peru

For Khipu, it is an achievement to be the only Institute in Cusco that is part of the Association of Peruvian Higher Institutes of Technology and Higher Education Schools in Peru , ASISTE PERU, which certifies that we are a model in the Education Sector, that distinguishes us from other Higher Institutes in our city.

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KHIPU Private Higher Technology Education Institute

Higher Educational Institution that trains professionals, trained to achieve their integral development, who contribute in the continuous improvement of institutions, companies and the society in general. It has three modern premises, equipped with workshops and laboratories of latest generation; it welcomes more than three thousand students in six professional careers.

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Global University of Cusco

Institution recognized by the Peruvian State since 2012, It is member of the Khipu Educational Corporation, from its beginnings, the University assumes the responsibility of contributing, in the formation of leaders, entrepreneurs and managers that the future demands, generating knowledge and technological applications, with a pragmatic spirit and a strong business emphasis, in order to harmonize the Andean cultural tradition with the best of modernity.

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IncaLAB Innovation and Quality Laboratory

It is a research and innovation laboratory created to generate, promote and disseminate science and culture with the aim of contributing to the solution of problems and contributing to the sustainable development and progress of our region in a sustainable way.

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Our team

Professionals Creating Future

Roberto Portugal del Castillo

Roberto Portugal del Castillo

General Manager

A visionary entrepreneur in the education sector in Cusco, with more than 30 years of uninterrupted activity. He introduced technological advances to Cusco, becoming a pioneer of modern technological education, and he has based his companies on the Inca values ??of Ayni (reciprocity), Llank'ay (work), Yachay (learn) and Munay (want), and the practice of the philosophy of Allin Kausay or Good Living.

Rudy Edith Felix Quillama

Rudy Edith Felix Quillama

Executive Director - Decana - Faculty of Business and Technology - UGC
Mario Tapia Nuñez

Mario Tapia Nuñez

Rector of Global University of Cusco

Distinguished researcher with extensive national and international experience in agrarian matters, he is an Agronomist graduated from the National Agrarian University. He has specialized in England, studied accomplished his doctorate studies at Colorado State University, United States, and is the author of several books.



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